Sunday, June 21, 2009

Street Painting at Art Soup

Well, another successful street painting occurred this weekend in Elk River, Mn at the Annual Art Soup Festival. Since the festival happens on the banks of the Mississippi River, I thought it would only be fitting to create a street painting of one of the rivers paddle boats. Below you will find some of the shots and the finished images.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Twin Cities Live" on-air chalking - Sidewalk Chalk

Shared via AddThis - Sidewalk Art Results!

Shared via AddThis

Well here is the results of the on-air chalking that was done yesterday for "Twin Cities Live". Thanks to Christian Unser and Melissa Specken for a fun time on set. Also a thank you to Allison Dent for the gig! So the above links will lead you to the two segments that were aired and the two images below are for you viewing as well. The first image is of the final chalk drawing that I did for TCL. It was about a 30 minute chalking. The other image is the chalk drawing that Melissa Specken did. Pretty Cool heh!