Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Walk for Thought" Street painting

Well it was another successful day street painting today. Was a little worried that the weather was going to hold us out, but it turned out to be a perfect day of temp and sun! The event that I was chalking for was the Minnesota Brain Injury Associations annual "Walk for Thought". There were tons of great people around and the conversations were lively! Too bad the event had to end and all, but it was great seeing everyone, hearing their comments, and also getting to work with my coworker Mike McCann(who strangely enough isn't related). So with that I wanted to share some pics. The first one is of the finished 8' x 8' chalking. The theme of mine was achievement and how their are often many who help you achieve your goals in life.

And then this was I think the best part of the whole event. Seeing the kids have a blast with the individual chalk boards and then seeing them create a mosiac of images. I think they turned out great! A special thanks goes out to Lori Peterson of the Brain Injury Association for the invite to this wonderful and worthwhile event!