Friday, September 27, 2013

The Great Draw

Wanted to share with you some really fun street paintings that I recently created in Dubuque Iowa.  The Great Draw was an amazing day long celebration of community and street painting sponsored and created by Outside the Lines Gallery.  Stormy and Connie were great hosts and there was much fun to be had!  Here are the two street paintings I did for the event.  The chalk box image was a 15ft x 15ft piece done on Friday and "Botticello" was 15ft x 28ft long and created for the event on Saturday!  This was another fun Art for After Hours project.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art Craze In Brookings, SD

Here is a fun little post on a quick 6 hour street painting demo I did for some kiddos in Brookings, SD a few weeks ago.  The piece ended up being 16ft wide by 20 ft long before the rain moved in.  Always working around the weather :)

3D street painting in Wilhelmshaven, Germany for Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Fest

Here is the finished piece I did for the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art fest in Germany a couple of weeks ago.  It was such a great time being there with 40 other artists from 12 different countries.

Street Painting for the new "Street Stix" pastels at Wet Paint

Here is a quick 3 hour street painting that I did over at Wet Paint in St. Paul for the launch of street stix pastels by richeson.  The first image is what was finished in between the rains.  The second image is what it looks like today after a month of being out in the weather.  They have held on pretty good so far.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Street Painting Vine video created for Target!

Had a blast creating this really fun Vine video for Target recently.  Gotta love them using street painting within it!!!!!  Hope you like

The title is "Mmmm, Summer!"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samples of some fun projects!

3D illusionary piece for Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN

3D wall mural for Technology Festival, Mumbai India
3D street mural for International street painting fest, Sarasota Florida

3D piece for the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN

2D piece for Artisphere, Greenville, South Carolina

3D piece for Deluxe Corporation, Social Media Pond, Shoreview, MN

Trompe L-Oeil mural for Vast Enterprises showroom, Minneapolis, Mn

2D banner mural Bike Night, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN

2D banner mural Bike Night, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Artisphere Festival street painting

Hello everyone.  Finally getting this image posted from my recent trip to South Carolina for the annual Artisphere festival held in Greenville, South Carolina.  Had a great time recreating one of the featured works by festival artist Amos Amit called "Night and Day".

Minneapolis Institute of Arts "Art in Bloom" family day chalking

Another fun and wonderful day of street painting at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Family Day for Art in Bloom this year.  Was fun creating this quick 4 hour piece for the kids to enjoy!